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Are you ready to study in the United States, but have questions about getting a student visa? On April 27, , visa expert Laura Stein and international. USA Study Visa Requirements for Indian Students () · How will you be funding your study? · Who is paying for your education in the US? · The annual income. Explain to the immigration officer doing your student visa interview what are some of the reasons you want to study in the USA and why you chose that specific. Why did you choose to study in the US instead of joining the workforce in your home country? Why did you choose this school and why is it the best school for. Visa Interview Tips · Why do you want to study in the US? · Have you been to the United States before? · How many different universities did you apply to? · What.

“Sir, I plan to come back after Graduation” might be a simple answer, but if the consular officer is not convinced, your student visa to the USA could be denied. What documents are needed for F1 Visa interview? · Your personal information (Your original passport should be available too) · Your academic/educational. What Are the Most Common F1 Visa Interview Questions? Why are you going to the United States? What will you specialize in for your degree? What will be your. Why United States of America: · Why do you wish to study in the USA and not in Pakistan? · What if you get a US degree here, would you like to go to US again. What Do You Know About the University/College You Plan to Attend? · Have You Been to the US Before? · What Are Your Test Scores or the Previous GPA? · How Will. USA Student Visa Sample Questions and Interview Tips Q: How many universities did you apply for? Q: Which universities (both admits and rejects) did you apply. F1 Visa USA - How to prepare F1 visa interview questions? Check here the tips and sample USA F1 visa interview questions and answers for students. Why are you planning to go to USA? What will be your specialization? What will you take as your major? Where is your previous school? Are you currently employed. Common Questions in US Visa Interviews · 1# Reason for study in the USA. Question: Why Study in the US? · 2# Funding Your Education. Related Articles · 3# Work. 1) Why are you going to USA? · 2) Tell me something about yourself.? · 3) Why do you particularly want to study at this university? · 4) Why Masters in this. “I am planning to return back and re-join the same company I worked for in my home country after my Masters. I am going to US to upgrade my skills in computer.

Do you have relatives or friends currently in the US? · What are your plans post-graduation? · Where did you go to school now? · Who is your current employer? · Can. Questions about your study plans · Why do you want to study in the US? · What will you specialize in for your degree? · What will be your major? · Where did you go. - Thoroughly review your financial documents to gain a clear understanding of how you will be funding your education in the USA, UK, or Canada. US Student Visa Questions · Why do you want to study in USA? · Why are you not studying in Canada, UK, or Australia instead? · Why can't you continue higher. Questions about your studies or program · Why are you planning to study in the United States · What are you planning to study? · What will be your major? · Why did. Written by Gehis Immigration and International Legal Service · 5 Followers. Gehis Immigration offers a full-service approach to U.S. immigration. Sample U.S. Visa Interview Questions · Why did you select to study in the U.S.? · What institutions did you apply to? · Why did you select this/these institutions? What knowledge do you have regarding American colleges or universities? · Why do you intend to pursue further education? · Which colleges did you apply to the. Why do you want to study in the US? · What are your goals for the future? · Why did you choose to study in America over other countries? · What is your.

Ace USA F1 Visa Interview Questions – Preparation Tips () · Q1. Why do you want to study in the United States? · Ans. · Q2. Which university/college have. What will your degree specialization be? What will be your major? How many colleges did you apply to? What were your test scores (Scores across GRE®, GMAT, SAT. What are the B1 B2 Visa Interview Questions? · What is the purpose of your visit to the US? · Have you been to the US before? · Do you have relatives or friends. An F1 visa is a type of non-immigrant student visa, that permits foreigners to gain an education in the United States. This visa is issued to international. Below are common sample questions for F-1 Student Visa Interview: · How are you going to pay for your program and living expenses? · Did you get any scholarship?

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The document contains sample questions that may be asked during a USA student visa interview. It includes questions related to the applicant's intended. Top 10 Common questions you should expect during the US Student Visa Interview · What is the purpose of your trip to the United States? · Which university or.

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