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It has had its fair share of maharajas and princes though it may have been slightly overshadowed by the princely splendor of neighboring Rajasthan. The excavation at Lothal shows that this region was part of a flourishing Indus valley civilization dating back to BC with its dock connecting Sabarmati to trade routes in Sindh.

Blessed with a large coastline, Gujarat was the gateway to the Middle East. Gujarat takes its name from the nomadic tribe of Gujjars who settled here and there are speculations that these tribes arrived here from Georgia though how far that is true is a moot point. The fact is that Gujarat is a mix of diverse ethnic people with Adivasis perhaps forming the original inhabitants and people from Turkey, Iraq, Iran and the Middle East having settled in Saurashtra and Gujarat.

PM Narendra Modi shakes hand with former President of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama on the sidelines of the 52nd African Development Bank’s annual general meeting in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. (PTI) See.

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November to March Information about Palitana Palitana is a sacred city of the Jains located about km. It was the capital of a small princely state founded by Shahji, a Gohel Rajput who belonged to the same clan as the Maharaja of Bhavnagar. Palitana is situated at an altitude of metres and covers an area of 13 square km.

Ahmedabad (also spelled Ahmadabad) was establised by muslim ruller Sultan Ahmed Shah, ahmedabad is the sixth largest city (pop. million) in India, and it’s India’s first UNESCO World Heritage City. It is the commercial hub of the state of Gujarat, though it is not the state capital, which is its twin city Gandhinagar, 30 km to the north.

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In rural area of North Gujarat, this ashram is situated in the college campus of Shri Balahanuman Ayurved Mahavidyalaya. The medical treatment center located within the ashram has cost-free beds for treatment through Ayurved. This ashram is surrounded by beautiful gardens of Ayurvedic herbs and plants, age-old trees, temples and lakes. Within the main campus are located the pharmacy, hospital and Ayurved college. It is to be remembered that a perfect atmosphere and environment that is conducive for meditation of nature is provided by the surrounding beautiful and scenic landscape which ensures peace of mind.

It is to be remembered that the rural village named Lodra wholeheartedly enjoys full amenities such as bus facilities, railway substation, electricity, water, etc.

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Dwarika Jagat Mandir or Dwarkadhish Temple , view from entrance of the city. A painting depicting Krishna ‘s Dwarka, made during Akbar ‘s reign, from the Smithsonian Institution. Dwarka is believed to have been the first capital of Gujarat. The Yadavas , who had migrated from Mathura, established their kingdom here when the city was known as “Kaushathali”.

It was during this period that the city underwent rebuilding and was named Dwarka. The kingdom, also known as the Yaduvanshi empire, was established by Uugrasena, father of Kansa the then ruler and later Krishna flourished and extended its domain. The city’s Dwarkadhish Temple dedicated to Krishna was originally built around 2, years ago, but was destroyed by Mahmud Begada rulers and subsequently rebuilt in the 16th century.

There is also a lighthouse at the land end point of Dwarka.

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View Larger Map General Depending on who you are, what you are about to read can seem anything from myth to legend to reality. Ranchhodrai, as Lord Krishna is affectionately called in Gujarat, came to Dwarka from Mathura to build his new kingdom where he would later spend a significant part of his life. Located at the western tip of the Saurashtra peninsula, this town enjoys remarkable importance in Hindu lore.

It is the only place considered both one of the four principal holy places char dham , as well as one of the seven ancient towns sapta puris to visit. For this reason, millions of pilgrims and historical scholars have come here over the centuries. It is believed that immediately after the death of Lord Krishna and the consequent demise of the Yadav dynasty a massive flood swallowed all of Dwarka and submerged the city of gold to the bottom of the ocean.

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Geology[ edit ] Mount Girnar is a major igneous plutonic complex which intruded into the basalts towards the close of the Deccan Trap period. The rock types identified in this complex are gabbros tholeiitic and alkalic , diorites, lamprophyres, alkali-syenites and rhyolites. The parent gabbroic magma is shown to have given rise in sequence to diorites, lamprophyres and alkali-syenites. The rhyolite , though earlier considered a product of differentiation, is now believed to be an independent magma without any genetic link with the gabbro and its variants.

It is feet high, and is one of the most remarkable mountains in India. From the city of Junagarh, which is at an altitude of barely feet only the top of Mount Girnar can be seen, as it has in front of it lower hills, of which Jogniya, or Laso Pawadi, feet; Lakhshman Tekri, Bensla, feet high; and Datar, feet high, are the principals.

An uneven rock, with a circumference of seven meters and a height of ten meters, bears inscriptions etched with an iron pen in Brahmi script in a language similar to Pali and date back to BCE, thus marking the beginning of written history of Junagadh. The protective building around the edicts was built in by Nawab Rasool Khan of Junagadh State at a cost of Rs 8, It was repaired and restored in and by the rulers of Junagadh.

Mahabodhi Temple

Listed as World Heritage Site Significance: Site of Enlightenment How to reach: One can easily reach Mahabodhi Temple by taking regular Buses or by hiring taxis from anywhere in Bihar Mahabodhi Temple is one of the ancient and most important shrines of India. Located at Bodhgaya, Mahabodhi Mahavihara Temple is easily accessible from the major towns and cities of Bihar.

The nearest airport is located at Patna that lies at a distance of 96 kms from Gaya.

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It is the commercial hub of the state of Gujarat , though it is not the state capital, which is its twin city Gandhinagar , 30 km to the north. Although it is not very well known as a ‘tourist’ place, it is certainly worth a visit. Actually, the fact that there are fewer tourists will often get you a warmer welcome here. Also Gujaratis are known for their hospitality. The Hindu kingdom of Karnavati ruled for more than years until when Sultan Ahmed Shah conquered Gujarat and the city was renamed Ahmedabad after him.

The city was built in open and spacious plains to the East of Sabarmati. It was comprised of a little known installation known as Bhadra Fort. The city fort wall was enclosed containing 12 Gates. The city of Ahmedabad went on expanding in every direction by the addition of new areas on the sides of the river, with well laid out beautiful buildings, lakes and mosques.

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