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We provide a complete line of automatic transmission parts, overhaul kits, troubleshooting and overhaul guides to factory remanufactured automatic transmissions. Shift kits are available, and more importantly shift enhancement kits are available, these enhancement kits fix know problems with automatic transmission. Enhancement kits correct design and manufacturing defects, yes they can be corrected after your vehicle has left the factory. If there is an enhancement kit available for you application be sure you have one installed before your transmission suffers costly failures. Remanufactured transmission are available with 12 month, 36 month and 60 months available for our standard automatic transmissions that are all dyno tested by experience factory technicians before they level the factory. Heavy duty automatic transmission are available for Chevrolet, Ford and Dodge applications to support utility and towing requirements. Considering have your existing automatic transmission overhauled or replaced, just ask your mechanic three simple questions; first, how many hours will it take him to remove and replace the transmission in your vehicle.

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Well I went ahead and just dove into the project and found what I was looking by trial and error! Well got it all done today! Here are all the pictures and captions, here we go! Figuring out how the heck I am getting the aux cooler in there! Getting the hoses on the aux cooler.

Mar 08,  · This video shows the installation of an external transmission cooler onto a Chevrolet Truck with a 4L60E transmision. Links to PARTS & TOOLS USED below.

Pondering it, I could go with the standard VW cooler. Which in my opinion is not really a cooler but a engine oil stabilizer as the operating temp of the radiator is used to maintain the oil at the water temperature and not cooling it. They used the standard screw claps and not the spring clamps. Spring Clamps are the only way to go for certain applications. Or look for installing a true honest to goodness oil cooler that cools the oil in relation to the air flow over its own radiator.

I went to the yard and stumbled on a Volvo Turbo that had a Wahler Oil cooler on it. It takes either a 28mm socket, and a 19mm to remove the oil lines and the cooler off the car, if you don’t have a 28mm then using a large crescent take the whole shooting match off.

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This trans swapping guide is for early Chevrolet iron and concentrates particularly on first- and second-generation Camaros. It may be the most complete resource guide the crack Chevy High Performance editorial staff has ever created. We have gone to great lengths to supply you with as much swapping information as could be dug up. The TH is a bolt-in replacement for a PG, making this swap a relatively straightforward one that requires no crossmember or driveshaft modifications. This swap is pretty straightforward in any early Chevy, considering that TH s were optional in most of them.

If your vehicle ever came equipped stock with a TH trans, then you could pick up a crossmember from the scrap yard or a source like Classic Industries, which would allow the TH to bolt right into your stock frame.

Dec 29,  · I need to know which cooler line is the outlet and which is the inlet on a TH automatic transmission. I have searched everywhere and cant seem to find an answer. Right now the upper line runs to the radiator cooler then through an aftermarket cooler then back to the lower line.

Versions of the C4 have also been produced for big-blocks. It is one of the easiest automatic transmissions to rebuild and modify because it is so simple and there are a lot of seasoned racers and builders who know a lot about this transmission and how to get it to perform. There are different approaches as to how to build a C4 and what to put in it. Seems everyone has a different opinion about how to build one for street and competition.

For a comprehensive guide on this entire subject you can visit this link: You can use the social sharing buttons to the left, or copy and paste the website link: Even with the best factory parts, the C4 is a hardy box that will serve you for years and thousands of miles with regular fluid and filter changes. Street and weekend-racing C4s can easily handle to hp without breaking a sweat.

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Installing a Transmission Cooler Begin: To install a transmission cooler you will need only simple hand tools and the cooler itself. There are a number of them out there but one several of us have used fits nicely and works well.

Jun 24,  · Hey guys, I just bought a new tranny cooler for my TA. My regular radiator has the inserts for the tranny lines. When I go to hookup my new cooler should I just hookup the new cooler and bypass the regular radiator?

Transmission cooler kits usually come with all the necessary tools, hardware and directions to install it yourself. First, you’ll want to consider exactly where you want to mount your transmission cooler — there’s not exactly a specific spot inside your engine compartment where you’re required to place it, so you’re given a little room to be creative; however it’s still important to place it somewhere where you’ll get the most efficiency out of the cooler.

If you mount your transmission cooler behind your bumper, for example, there’s little chance of it being very efficient since it relies heavily on airflow. Mounting the cooler in front of the radiator and the air conditioning condenser is typically considered the best place. Here, they’ll receive a sufficient amount of airflow, yet stay somewhat clear of road debris like rocks. Transmission coolers are typically square-shaped and thin, so they can easily attach in between other components.

Most kits offer adhesive mounting pads that allow you stick the cooler right onto the radiator, but there are also usually extra mounting rods that you can insert between the radiator and the cooler’s mounting flanges. You should hook up all of the proper inlet and outlet hoses between the cooler and the transmission — after all, that’s how the transmission cooler delivers the cooled fluid to the transmission.

It’s also a good idea to make sure you keep the hoses away from any hot or moving parts. Heat would counteract the cooler’s effort, and a moving part like a fan could sever the line. For lots more information on transmission coolers and other towing accessories, see the next page.

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Anyone add one to there vehicle? If so you have any pictures or ideas on how I should do it? Just looking for ideas right now got some of my own, but wanted any input from someone who has done it.

B&M trans cooler hookup to factory lines, no cutting. Aug 07 , pm. the lines that go into the factory aux. cooler are threaded into bottom of the cooler with the e-clip fitting for the transmission line. The B&M cooler has 1/2 inch female NPT fittings. My million dollar question is can I use the e-clip fittings from the factory aux.

Dave King I was inspired to write this article because of the overwhelming help and support I got from fellow readers of Modularfords. Before I decided on doing this project I was a bit intimidated. I thought about doing this conversion last year but I decided against it because I thought it would be very involved and that a shop would have to do all the work. So I kept sticking clutches in it and wasting money. I approached this article a bit differently than any other article I have done before.

This is the first article that I really took almost a month to write.

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I didn’t know thats what you’re doing, but Quote: Originally Posted by Organized Confusion as i wrote in a previous post I am doing an auto transmission conversion I have a new aftermarket condenser for an auto trans which did not come with the disconnect piece that the dealer wants over I looked at my pictures and the 42rle trans I have has both lines on the drivers side. I have always thought the rear most line was the return to trans line on most automatics transmissions.

I have done some google searching which has given me results of the upper line and the lower line and now the passenger side line all doing the same thing so as you can see I am in limbo with three different threads saying three different things i want the factory setup so I can run the vehicle until the super charger comes in when I will add the second cooler and install the intercooler at the same time.

Transmission cooler kits typically include an aluminum internal cooler mechanism with the necessary installation parts and other kits include an electric fan to help reduce the temperature. Overall sizes vary, but many universal transmission coolers are around 13 inches by 11 inches by 2 inches to fit many different vehicle makes, models, and.

Jack up the car and put it on jack stands. I put mine on ramps. Turn the car off and remove the key. Remove the air scoop from the bottom of the car. Put the oil drain pan under the car near the passenger side front tire. From the bottom of the car, remove the bolt that holds the oil line bracket from under the alternator, just below where the hose joins the tubing. Be sure to put on gloves because the initial break loose is a knuckle banger.

Remove the bolt 10 mm that connects the lower end of the tube bracket. Some have said that they would try to access it from behind the tire and wheel well skirt. I just did not want to remove all that stuff just to have the same amount of access. When I removed my bracket it was bent a little. So I used the hammer to straighten it out.

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Mar 02,  · If the car is a 5 speed automatic you can add a transmission fluid cooler by cutting into the low pressure line that runs to the radiator and put the secondary cooler in Status: Resolved.

Engine, with A alternator. Front of truck is towards the left. I have not found a fording intake snorkel yet. If I had the engine air intake snorkel, the intake mushroom cap, visible in front of the right side mirror, would be raised to about the top of the windshield. Later, I painted the plywood part flat black. My truck is on the left. The large radio on the left is an RT A transceiver.

The small radio on the right is an R A receiver. The lower shelf is for mounting a pair of KY communications security devices scramblers. No special tools are necessary to change the rear service brake pads in these trucks. Civilian Hummers, as well as later or upgraded military trucks, do not have the separate parking brake, and instead apply the rear service brakes through a mechanical linkage when the parking brake lever is set.

Frequently Asked Questions About Transmission Coolers

There are myriad web pages on the internet for servicing the 4R70W, as it is the automatic transmission commonly used in Mustangs and in Crown Victorias, but very few resources when it comes to servicing the transmission in a truck. I was personally frustrated with the lack of any useful information on performing the fluid change procedure, so I researched and researched and put together this guide. When I say “useful information”, I mean something more than an article written entirely in text and with no explanation of the different parts of a transmission.

I believe that anyone with a general knowledge of automotive handywork should be able to do this job on a weekend afternoon. Before we proceeed, I should explain what exactly is being done in this procedure since I am not simply regurgitating the information in the Haynes manual.

Jul 10,  · I have a transmission cooler, not using the radiator, for my transmission. I have a question on how to hook it up. The cooler is mounted so that the ports are on the driver’s side. The cooler is bi-directional so it doesn’t matter which way it’s hooked up, but I wanted to check on something.

Do I need an engine oil cooler also? How does a cooler function? Fluid heated by the transmission, engine, or power steering pump flows to the cooler. The air moving over the fins of the cooler cools the fluid, which is then routed back to the transmission, engine or power steering pump in a continuous loop through the return line. How do you attach the transmission cooler in front of the radiator or air conditioning condensor?

Several different options for mounting a transmission cooler are available. In the most common installation method, the cooler is attached with narrow plastic rods, pads, and fasteners. The plastic rods are run through the transmission cooler and the radiator or air conditioning condensor and secured with the fastener. Another option is to use a rigid mount kit that includes bendable brackets to mount the cooler.

You can use this option if the cooler has mounting points designed for brackets and your vehicle has suitable mounting points. A third option that consists of solid mounting brackets is available for stacked-plate type coolers. Click here to see available mounting kits for transmission and engine coolers 3. What is the difference between the tube-and-fin cooler, the plate-and-fin cooler and the stacked-plate cooler?

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