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LIFE IS ALL AROUND is the first comedy directed by Yegor Druzhinin. This is a movement production about a village life.
21 actors on stage will tell 21 stories using just the language of their bodies. Those are stories of meetings and partings; of false expectations, love and hopes. The show is full of optimism, good mood, lyricism and trust in human race, full of speechless love.
Music score of the show incorporates compositions of Goran Bregovi, American jazz tunes, and the folk music of the Balkans.
The acting company includes actors seen in the musicals Love and Espionage, Monte Cristo, Mamma Mia!, The Ordinary Miracle, as well as TV series There Goes the Youth, The Uni, Interns.


Yegor Druzhinin was awarded with Golden Mask National Theatre award for his Leo Bloom as the Best Actor of the year 2010. He is a popular choreographer nationally acclaimed for his participation in the Star Factory on Channel One, and later as the fairest adjudicator in Dancing with the Stars on Russia 1TV. He is justly remembered for his role of Vasechkin in a cult movie Adventures of Petrov and Vasechkin. Theatregoers remember Yegor for his appearances in the Russian versions of Chicago and The Producers, and for his choreography for the new Russian musical Love and Espionage by Maxim Dunaevsky. Egor had a dance education in New York and was a choreographer at the famous New York dance school “Steps on Broadway”

  • Egor Druzhinin
    Egor Druzhinin
  • Roman Andreykin
    Roman Andreykin
  • Uliana Bachernikova
    Uliana Bachernikova
  • Dmitriy Burukin
    Dmitriy Burukin
  • Tamara Volchugova
    Tamara Volchugova
  • Ilya Glinnikov
    Ilya Glinnikov
  • Anna Guchenkova
    Anna Guchenkova
  • Anna Emshanova
    Anna Emshanova
  • Nika Ickovich
    Nika Ickovich
  • Angelika Kashirina
    Angelika Kashirina
  • Julia Kashkina
    Julia Kashkina
  • Maria Kovalskaya
    Maria Kovalskaya
  • Natalya Koretskaya
    Natalya Koretskaya
  • Denis Kostenkov
    Denis Kostenkov
  • Julia Kostushkina
    Julia Kostushkina
  • Vyacheslav Kulaev
    Vyacheslav Kulaev
  • Jury Mazikhin
    Jury Mazikhin
  • Maria Milutina
    Maria Milutina
  • Elvina Muhutdinova
    Elvina Muhutdinova
  • Arseny Nikolashev
    Arseny Nikolashev
  • Ilona Petrash
    Ilona Petrash
  • Olga Prihudailova
    Olga Prihudailova
  • Alexander Ragulin
    Alexander Ragulin
  • Pavel Rassudov
    Pavel Rassudov
  • Alexandra Rozovskaya
    Alexandra Rozovskaya
  • Olga Romashova
    Olga Romashova
  • Igor Rudnik
    Igor Rudnik
  • Alexey Sarychev
    Alexey Sarychev
  • Natalya Terekhova
    Natalya Terekhova
  • Jemal Tetruashvili
    Jemal Tetruashvili
  • Maria Turova
    Maria Turova
  • Uliana Chebotar
    Uliana Chebotar
  • Алексей Бобров
    Алексей Бобров
  • Julia Mikhailova
    Julia Mikhailova
  • Dmitry Golovin
    Dmitry Golovin
  • Egor Druzhinin
    Egor Druzhinin
  • Shura Tumashova
    Shura Tumashova
  • Ivan Vinogradov
    Ivan Vinogradov
  • Julia Kashkina
    Julia Kashkina
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Egor Druzhinin: actor, choreographer, director